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Welcome! It's my pleasure to share the world through my lens!

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Contact Info

Vicki Santello loves seeing the world mindfully through the art of photography. 

"it's not what you look at but what you see". Henry David Thoreau


Professional Memberships

  • North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA)
  • Professional Women Photographers (PWP)
  • Gainesville Fine Arts Association (GFAA)


2022 WildArt Photographer of the Year

  • Gold Prize, Category Winner, WET, The Successful Hunt
  • Highly Commended, Category BEHAVIOUR, We Are Family!
  • Commended, Category, SPACE,  The Long March
  • Top 100, WET, 4 Different images: Tactical Assessment, The Zen of Snow, Face of the Future, Ice Palace
  • Top 100, SPACE, 2 Different Images ; Alone on the Ice, Cold Mountain Passage
  • Top 100, ABSTRACTS,  Concealment

2022 The Greatest Masaai Mara Photographer of the Year

  • April Monthly Finalist : The Lover's Quarrel
  • May Monthly Finalist : The Huntress

2022 Africa Geographic

  • Top 100, Startled Ostrich (aka The Pivotal Moment)

2021 North American Nature Photography (NANPA) Showcase

  • Top 250: Safety in the Creche - elephant seals in blizzard
  • Altered Reality Semi-Finalists: At The Waterhole and The Long Trek
  • Birds Semi-Finalists: The Alarm Cry, Stellar Flight, Frozen March, Royal Portrait, I See You!, Mom's Watchful Eye, Cloud Soaring, Flight in Pink, Rightful Place
  • Mammals:  The Successful Hunt, The Long Drink of Water, Lunch is Served, Spots on Ice, Battle of the Behemoths, The Predator Waits, By Momma's Side
  • Scapes: Winter Architecture, Foggy Valley, Golden Ridges, Fall is in the Air!, Standing Proud!

2020: Published in Africa Geographic,  Mom Says No!

2019 Nature's Best Photography National Parks Top 100 Finalist (awarded 2020 due to Covid)

  • The Strategic Hunter

2020 Pangolin Photography People's Choice Finalist

  • The Successful Hunt

2020 North American Nature Photography (NANPA) Showcase

  • Top 250: Tender Moments – Momma Leopard w/ Cubs
  • Altered Reality Semi-finalist: The Unfolding of Autumn - North Carolina
  • Macro/Micro/All Other Semi-finalist: Marching to His Own Drummer – Namaqua Chameleon
  • Mammals Semi-finalist: The Cycle of Life – Cheetah with Kill; Spotted Stealth - Cheetah
  • Scapes Semi-finalist: The Blessing of RAIN!! - Maasai Mara, Kenya

2019 Photo Tales coffee table book published by HPH Publishing - Johannesburg, S. Africa

  • Tender Moments (2020 N. America Nature’s Photography Association Top 250)
  • Deadly Embrace (Category Winner 2018 Nature’s Best Photography Africa)
  • Morning Mist 

2019 Gainesville Fine Art Association (GFAA) Art Exhibit at Oak Hammock

  • Award of Merit: Starry Starry Night

2019 National Geographic Photo of the Week April 26

  • It's a Big World Out There

2019 National Geographic Daily Dozen February 27

  • Mirror Image

2019 BBC Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest

  • Semi-finalist: Red Tide

2018 Nature's Best Photography Africa Competition

  • Category Winner Wild Cats of Africa Behavioural: A Deadly Embrace

2019 North American Nature Photography Associations (NANPA) Showcase

  • Top 250: Life on the Edge
  • Mammals Semi-finalist: A Pause in the Hunt; Night Time Forager
  • Scapes Semi-finalist: Icelandic Aurora; The Compliment of Complementary; Golden Beauty; Red Tide; Dunes Encroach on Pan of Dead Vlei; Aerial View of Cathedral Spires
  • Macro/Micro/All Other Semi-finalist: Morning Commute; The Bath

2018 BBC Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest

  • Semi-finalist: The Successful Hunt 

2018 Gainesville Fine Art Association (GFAA) Winter Show at Trinity United Methodist Church

  • Award of Merit: Peruvian Innocence  

2018 North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) Showcase Competition

  • Mammals Semi-Finalist: Over the Top; The Omega Wolf
  • Scapes Semi-Finalist: Golden Beauty, Sand Dunes

2017 Photographer's Forum Best of Photography 2017

  • Finalist: The Successful Hunt

2017 Nature's Best Photography Africa

  • Birds of Africa Portrait Semi-finalist: Look at me! Tawny Eagle
  • African Landscapes Semi-finalist: The Compliment of Complementary Colors

2017 Gainesville Fine Arts Association (GFAA) Living Creatures Exhibit

  • Award of Merit: Plowing Through

2017 North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) Showcase Competition

  • Mammals Semi-Finalist: African Wild Dog on Alert
  • Birds Semi-Finalist: Tawny Eagle Opens Wide; Stellar Eagle Portrait; The New Boss (Stellar Eagles and Raven); Red Morph on a Mission

2016 Florida Wildlife Federation (FWF) Photo Contest 

  • Winner for Waterscape Category: Ospreys at Dawn


2022 : Santa Fe College Art Gallery, multi-artist exhibit: Nature's Beauty

2017-2020: Artist in Residence: Francesca's Trattoria, Gainesville, FL
2019: GFAA Winter Showcase, Gainesville, FL
2019: GFAA Art Exhibit at Oak Hammock, Gainesville, FL
2019: GFAA Member's Best at the Cofrin Gallery, Oak Hall School, Gainesville, FL
2019: PWP Member Slideshow Showcase
2019: GFAA Photography & Digital Art Exhibit, Gainesville, FL
2019: Solo Exhibit at Oak Hammock at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
2019: GFAA Fins, Feathers, Fur Exhibit, Gainesville, FL
2019: Harn Museum of Art, Art of Inquiry Exhibit, Gainesville, FL
2019: SIMED, Gainesville, FL
2018: GFAA Markey Wealth Management Exhibit, Gainesville, FL
2018: GFAA Photography & Digital Art Exhibit, Gainesville, FL
2018: Francesca's Trattoria Solo Exhibit, Gainesville, FL
2018: GFAA Winter Show at Trinity United Methodist Church
2018: SIMED, Gainesville, FL
2017: GFAA Gallery Member's Showcase
2017: SIMED, Gainesville, FL
2017: Sweetberries, Gainesville, FL
2017: GFAA Gallery Living Creatures Exhibit
2017: Pura Cuba, Oak Hammock, Gainesville, FL