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Vicki Santello loves seeing the world mindfully through the art of photography. 

"it's not what you look at but what you see". Henry David Thoreau



2018 BBC Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest

  • Semi-finalist: The Successful Hunt 

2018 GFAA Winter Show at Trinity United Methodist Church

  • Award of Merit: Peruvian Innocence  

2018 NANPA Showcase Competition

  • Mammals Semi-Finalist: Over the Top; The Omega Wolf
  • Scapes Semi-Finalist: Golden Beauty, Sand Dunes

2017 Photographer's Forum Best of Photography 2017

  • Finalist: The Successful Hunt

2017 Nature's Best Photography Africa

  • Birds of Africa Portrait Semi-finalist: Look at me! Tawny Eagle
  • African Landscapes Semi-finalist: The Compliment of Complementary Colors

2017 GFAA Living Creatures Exhibit Award of Merit: "Plowing Through"

2017 NANPA Showcase Competition

  • Mammals Semi-Finalist: African Wild Dog on Alert
  • Birds Semi-Finalist: Tawny Eagle Opens Wide; Stellar Eagle Portrait; The New Boss (Stellar Eagles and Raven); Red Morph on a Mission

2016 Florida Wildlife Federation (FWF) Photo Contest - Winner for Waterscape Category: Ospreys at Dawn

2016 Churchill Wild Ecolodge Polar Bear Tours: Best of 2016 Polar Bear Season

2016 GFAA Award of Merit: "Red Morph on a Mission"

2016 Gainesville Fine Arts Association (GFAA) People's Choice Award: "Red Morph on a Mission"

2011 Semi-finalist World Wild Life - People in Nature



2018: GFAA Markey Wealth Management Exhibit, Gainesville, FL

2018: GFAA Photography & Digital Art Exhibit, Gainesville, FL

2018: Francesca's Trattoria Solo Exhibit, Gainesville, FL

2018: GFAA Winter Show at Trinity United Methodist Church
2018: SIMED, Gainesville, FL
2017: GFAA Gallery Member's Showcase

2017: SIMED, Gainesville, FL
2017: Sweetberries, Gainesville, FL
2017: GFAA Gallery Living Creatures Exhibit
2017: Pura Cuba, Oak Hammock, Gainesville, FL
2016: Gainesville Fine Arts Association Gallery Member's Winter Showcase
2016: Gainesville Fine Arts Association Gallery Digital Photography Exhibit
2014: Mass Visual Arts, Gainesville, FL
2014 : SFC President’s Art Gallery - solo show, Gainesville, FL
2013 : ArtWalk: Sweetwater Gallery, Gainesville, FL